Oct 14, 2013

Beautiful AM Moisturizer and PM Revitalizer Review/Giveaway

 Trusted Health Products was kind enough to let me review 2 of their skin care  products:
 Beautiful AM Moisturizer and Beautiful PM Revitalizer.  Both of these products are wonderful.

 I love how  these products are customized with my name on the bottles.

 I have been using these 2 products for 3 weeks now and I can definitely see a big difference in my skin.  Right at first, my face became a little red but this is because the products were detoxing my skin.  The AM and PM products were getting rid of all the old make-up and any left behind facial products.
 Beautiful skin products use live fruits, nuts, and plant extracts to feed your skin cells to promote healthy, glowing skin.  Beautiful skin care products have no chemicals in them.
 Beautiful AM and PM products are all you need to use on your skin.  Instead of applying 5-10 different skin products, you now just need 2.  Apply AM in the morning and the PM in the evening.  Beautiful says it is fine to wash your face with soap before using their products but they would like for you to use only warm water after 30 days.
I only use water to wash my skin.  
Beautiful skin care is great for any type of skin; oily or dry.  They also have a skin care line for men called,"You're The Man".  The men's products work the same way as that for the women.
Nourish your skin today with Beautiful's AM and PM products.  They are all you need to get back that younger, healthier looking skin.

“The manufacturer is willing to offer my readers one FREE bottle. They said they would love to have our readers try out Beautiful A.M. Moisturizer (for women) or You’re the Man A.M. Moisturizer (for men) and agreed to send one bottle FREE if our readers would pay a minimal shipping and handling charge. This is a one-time only offer!  They also agreed to include 2 eye-opening reports – The Poisons You Put On Your Face Everyday and Why Your Skin Care Products Have Never Worked: The Truth Revealed .”  That’s a total value of over $40.00.

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