Oct 24, 2013

Wigglo Pets Review/Giveaway

Wigglo Pets are the newest kid craze.  These adorable pets don't require feeding, walking or cleaning up after, they just give you tons of fun!
With Christmas just around the corner you need to check out the Wigglo Pets.  They are perfect for your child's stocking.  The Wigglo Pet was invented by a 8 year old, little girl named, Maya Grace.  Maya wanted to have a pet and a toy in one so she began thinking about how she could get both in one product and soon the Wigglo Pet was invented.  Every Wigglo is different looking.  They may be orange / black or brown / white, but no matter what color, they still work the same.

Here is my grandson playing with his Wigglo that he named Wormie:

Place the Wigglo in the palm of your hand, eyes facing you, and rub down his middle.  Your Wigglo should move up and down.  Wigglo's love to be petted.

In 2012 when Maya invented the Wigglo Pet, she wanted it to be a fun pet without batteries, wires and screens.  She wanted the Wigglo to respond to it's owner's touch and this is just what she got.  The Wigglo is a sweet, little pet that all my grandchildren loved playing with.  They all had to rub it and watch it move.
Check out this cool video all about the Wigglo Pet:

Wigglo Pets cost $5 and are sold online here.
Would you like to try and win a Wigglo Pet of your own?  
If so then please enter my Rafflecopter below and Good Luck!

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  1. These are so cute! I would give this to my daughter Emma for Christmas!

  2. my daughter Khloe would love this one


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