Feb 7, 2014

Embrace Mortgage Company

 Embrace Mortgage Company

 Refinancing Your Home is Easier Than You Think
If you've been thinking about refinancing your home, you probably already know that the right refinancing program has the potential to save you money, allow you to pay off your home more quickly or even, under some circumstances, allow you to keep your home if the original payments have become too much for your budget. Refinancing can be a daunting task, however, and many people put it off because they are unfamiliar with the steps necessary to refinance a home. Refinancing is not as complicated as it may seem, though.
 Find a Lender
Look for reputable lenders with personnel that are willing to guide you through the refinance process. In some cases, you don't even have to leave your home to get started. For example, Embrace Mortgage Company will allow you to begin the application process and even to find a loan officer on their website. The site also provides you with tools and resources to help make the refinance process easier to understand.

Your lender will ask you to complete a Uniform Residential Loan Application. You will also have to submit documentation of your last two years residence, job and income. Your lender will discuss your refinancing options at this time and give you the opportunity to lock in an interest rate.
 Get Approved
Your lender will process your application and verify your documentation and let you know whether you qualify for the program you have chosen. If you do not, you will probably be given other options for refinancing. If you qualify, the next stop is the closing table. At the closing, you will sit down with a closing agent and read and sign all of the loan documents, just as you did when you originally purchased your home. 

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