May 1, 2014

JusGoGirl Pad Review and Free Samples

  At my age when you mix exercising and a weak bladder, you can get some definite wet underwear.  I started a new exercise class to try and lose some of my extra baggage, I love the class but, I hate the fact that my bladder leaks when I exercise and it leaves me wearing wet panties.  I have tried wearing the diaper like products but they are very bulky and you can see that I am wearing it through my tight exercise clothes.

  When the JustGoGirl Pads were invented by Brooke Solis, she knew the need of a pad that held plenty of urine without being big and bulky.  Brooke's revolutionary design is specifically for athletic leakage. The JustGoGirl Pad’s patent-pending technology can absorb up to 140 mL of fluid (just over half a cup) and is only 1.5 cm thick. Its unique teardrop shape makes the pad invisible under the tightest of athletic apparel while providing the coverage needed for leaks.

 There isn't any way to stop the leakage from happening without expensive, risky surgery so knowing the JustGoGirl Pad is available and truly works, is a blessing. 
 Thanks to the JustGoGirl Pads I can now exercise and not have to worry about wet undies any more.  I now look forward to working out and not facing any accidents that show.  You can purchase your pads from the JustGoGirls website for 10 pads at the cost of only $8.
 Right now you can receive a free sample of JustGoGirl pads here.

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