Jul 31, 2014

Liquid Chalkers 4pack Review

   Liquid Chalkers are a very bold, white liquid chalk that comes in a pen, there are 4 pens in a package. With the pen you are able to get a thinner, sharper line if you are writing or drawing.  If you prefer a thicker line just lay the pen a little on its side as you write.  I received these Liquid Chalkers for review from Paper & Twine and they are excellent for writing on a dry erase board, car windows, chalk boards and mirrors.

 In the above picture I wrote on one of my back windows that overlooks my porch.  Notice the way the chalker writes like a pen.  It is very easy to use and simple to clean up.  I just sprayed a little Windex on a paper towel and it wiped off so easy.

 Above you can see the way the Liquid Chalkers can write wide also.  (Please excuse the dirty mirror :)
 My grandaughter took one of the pens because she is a Sr. in HighSchool this year and she said they would be perfect to write on all the Sr.'s car windows.

 I also used the Liquid Chalker to write on my wall chalkboard.  It wrote so perfect and it can be erased easily also.

 The Liquid Chalkers are dustless, the ink doesn't run or smear and they won't dry out.  Just wipe off with a damp cloth and write on it again.  Don't use the pens on a porous chalkboard because the package tells you that it could be very hard to remove.  
  Liquid Chalkers are perfect for teachers, homeschool and for every home.  They would be perfect for holiday decorations - write on glass ornaments or decorate windows.  Homeschool moms could use these pens for many uses as would school teachers.
 I really was pleased with how the chalkers wrote and how easy it was to clean up after writing with them.  I would recommend them highly.  You can order a 4 pk. of Liquid Chalkers for only $12.99 on Amazon right now!  Order your Liquid Chalkers today - I know you will be pleased.

*Thanks to Paper & Twine for allowing me to review for them.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
*I received this product in exchange for a written honest review.

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