Sep 8, 2015

Duncan Hines "Perfect Size" Cake Mixes Review

Duncan Hines

   How many times have you baked a cake, and because there are only 3 people in your family, most of it goes to waste before it can all be eaten?  I know I have done this many times.  We all love cakes, especially Duncan Hines cake mixes because they are so deliciously moist and great tasting, so sometimes I make a double layer cake and by the end of the week there are still a few pieces left.  I hate to waste food, and I definitely hate to waste good, delicious cake, but we 3 have eaten many pieces all week, so I have to discard it.  That is the way it was until Duncan Hines started ,making a perfect size cake for about 2 people.
  I reviewed several varieties of Duncan Hines "Perfect Size" cake mixes and they are so simple to make.  Everything you need comes in one box, even the pan.  All you do is add the water, oil and egg.  Watch the steps below:
Mix comes with pan, cake mix and the icing mix


   This is how simply a Perfect size Duncan Hines cake mix is made.  These cakes come in 5 delicious flavors:
.      Golden Fudge  -  yellow cake  with chocolate frosting
.      Chocolate Lover’s – chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
·      Red Velvet Dream – red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting
·      Lemon Bliss – lemon cake with lemon frosting
·      Strawberries and Cream – strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting

    I love these easy to make, one pan, cake mixes.  They are really delicious and easy to do, plus clean up is simple.  There are no pans to wash, just bake in the one provided and throw it away when the cake is gone.
  I love these Perfect Sized cakes and so did my husband.  I think they would be perfect for a college student to make in their dorm, people who live alone, perfect to bake for your grandparent who lives alone and even great to keep in your camper or RV.  Whatever reason you are sure to love a Duncan Hines "Perfect Size " cake.  I know we do!

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