Sep 7, 2015

The Biggest Story-The Snake Crusher Book for Children Review/Giveaway--Winner: Ava Pool

  The Biggest Story - Is a book about how The Snake Crusher brings us back to the garden.  The Snake Crusher of course is God and this book breaks down each part of the Bible so that children can understand it more easier.  The first chapter begins as God made the heavens and the Earth, all living creatures, and then he made man and woman and placed them in the most beautiful garden full of everything wonderful and good, except one thing-the tree of good & evil, which God forbid them to touch or eat from.  As we see the sneaky snake convinces Eve to eat the fruit and share with Adam and this is when sin began.  
  There are stories about Daniel, Abraham, Moses, Noah and of course Jesus.
  Children will learn how Jesus was sent to Mary through God to be a savior, and as a new and final sacrifice for the people, the new Adam.

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  This book is full of wild, colorful pictures, drawn with different looks and ways to tell the story through vivid pictures.  This book is illustrated by Don Clark. 
   The object of this book is not only teach children through easy to understand words and pictures, but to show that the world began in the garden and at the end of time, it will end in the garden when God brings all who follow him home again to the perfect garden.
  This is a beautiful book, written and designed.  I love reading it to my grandchildren and it will bring much delight to your children as well.  It includes : 10 chapters, ages 5-8 read to me and 8-12 read to myself.
  If you would like to own this book, you can purchase it at : Amazon on August 31 and on this website for $13.50.  They also sell them by the case if you are interested in them for your church.
 If you would like to win the book -The Biggest Story by Kevin De Young then please enter my Rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!

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