Feb 8, 2016

Power Rangers Time Force Complete Series on DVD Review/Giveaway

   It's the future and the Power Rangers are known as the Power Ranger Time Force.  Here they act as time traveling police that capture and freeze criminal mutants.  Their rival - the terrible mastermind, Ransik, takes the entire prison of dangerous mutants back in time with him to the year 2001.  Ransik wants to unleash a wave of crime in this modern world, but he isn't quite up on modern technology.

  Pink Ranger Jen is determined to capture Ransik and take him and his band of criminals back to the future, so Jen gathers up the team of Power Rangers Time Force and they go back in time.
 With the death of Jen's fiance, Alex, she is determined to get revenge.  In the modern time Wes is able to take the place of the Red Power Ranger Alex because they are kin and share the same DNA. This helps Jen get the whole group together to fight off Ransik and his criminal mutants.

  My grandson's love the Power Rangers and they really loved this complete series, because they had never seen it on television.  There are 5 disc's in this complete series which include 40 episodes.  Your child will love watching these Power Rangers as they work in the future.  I recommend it for all Power Ranger fans!
  You can purchase this series on Amazon.com beginning tomorrow for the low price of only $16.97
   If you would like to try and win this DVD then please enter my Rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!

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  1. My daughter always liked the Pink Ranger.
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