Feb 6, 2016

Top 5 Easter Gift ideas

Top 5 Easter Gift Ideas

   Easter will soon be here and every child loves getting an Easter basket full of candy and toys.  But, if your children are like mine, they have so many toys now that we are running out of room to put them.  I reviewed for a great toy company awhile back titled, "Pley".  With Pley you rent toys from a large selection online, for boys and girls, and keep them for awhile, then package them up - send back in - and choose another one.  Pley makes sure every toy is is completely sanitized and ready to go.
  Now, what are some of the most popular toys your child would want in their Easter baskets?  Let's see what Pley has to offer:

  1. Minecraft toys are the biggest rave right now with boys and girls.  I have been looking everywhere for sets like Pley has.  Here is an examples of one:

toy image
Minecraft - The Nether

 Build your Minecraft Nether with the 469 pieces.  If you accidentally lose a piece- no worries, Pley will replace them.

 2. Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle -  Frozen is still a favorite toy and with this castle, your child can be Elsa and the imagination will begin:

toy image
Elsa Sparkling Ice Castle
 3. Legos! An all time favorite for all kids.  Below is Power Mech.  Create all 3 toys with only 223 pieces.
Power Mech
Power Mech

  4. Duplo Building Sets for the little guys.  Every little child loves to build, but they need easier pieces to work with and Duplo has them.  Only 43 pieces for them to keep up with.
toy image
My First Construction Set
  5.Star Wars- the biggest hit with many children right now.  Since the movie recently came out, all kids are wanting to play with a Star Wars toy.  Below is the Death Star.  This has a little over 1,000 pieces so I would recommend it for older children.

toy image
Death Star

  These are what I researched and found as the top toys of 2016, considering different ages of the child.  I believe any child would love to receive any of these gifts and with Pley, you get gifts that continue to come in, because you just send any of these back and pick whatever you want next.
 Easter baskets are fun to receive and knowing ahead of time what the popular toys are can reassure you that you are buying something that your child wants and that probably their friend is getting as well. You may even want to get together with the mom's of your children's friends and everyone design baskets with similar toys.  By choosing different toys from the favorite group, you will be helping your child and their friends decide what they want next. 
  So, this Easter choose toys you know are the most popular and everyone will be excited  and pleased with their favorite toys in their Easter basket.

*The opinions of these products are strictly my own.

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