Mar 16, 2016

"Bling" Coming To Google Play Review Win a Cape & Bling Tee Giveaway

   Google Play was kind enough to let me review an upcoming movie titled, "Bling".   This is the cutest movie and sure to be a hit with all children.
 "Bling" begins with 2 little kids, a boy -Sam and a girl - Sue, they are childhood sweethearts.  Sam knows he loves Sue and will marry her one day, but her aunt isn't so sure about that.  Charlotte is Sue's aunt and she is the mayor of the city.  Charlotte tells Sam that if a boy loves a girl enough he will give her a big ring.  She says it's all about the ring.  A little boy named Oscar overhears this being said and he remembers it.
  Fast forward 20 years and Sam and Sue are still friends. Sue is a reporter for the local news, Sam builds robots that are super heroes for an amusement park, Charlotte is still mayor and Oscar has become a super villain who is in love with Charlotte.

  Sam decides to get the best ring he can and to ask Sue to marry him.  Oscar builds a super villain named Victor who helps Oscar get the things he wants.  Oscar also gets a huge ring to give to Charlotte to force her to marry him.

  Things go crazy and Sam's 3 favorite robots try to help him ask Sue to marry him, but it all gets out of control and never goes the way Sam planned it.  Meanwhile Oscar is trying to destroy the city with a Big Robot when Victor finds out Oscar plans of getting rid of him once he marries Charlotte.  During a chase and fight with a huge robot both rings come up missing and all havoc breaks out in the city.

  In the end Sam remembers the soda pop ring he had made Sue when she was little and he decides to ask her to marry him with that ring because Sam realizes it isn't about the ring or the size of the ring, but about his love for Sue.  Sam defeats Victor and Oscar and saves Sue and the city.  The mayor realizes Sam is good enough for her niece.  Sam proposes to Sue with the homemade ring and she says yes.  As they ride off in a boat together Sue notices a pretty ring on the floor and picks it up.  It was the ring Sam chose for Sue that had been lost.  In the end everyone is happy.

  This movie is full of cute acting robots and the funny things they say and do.  The moral of the story teaches children that it is not about what we have, but who we are that matters.  Your children will love this fun animated movie.  Watch for it on Google Play.  Watch this and other movies there - all you need is an email address.
   Enter my Giveaway below you could win a super hero cape and Bling tee shirt.  Good Luck!

*I was allowed to review this film free of charge in exchange for a honest, written review.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
*I was not monetarily compensated for reviewing this product.
*Thanks to Google Play for working with me.

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3. If you win - who would you give the prizes to? +6
4. What is the meaning of "Bling" in this movie? +7
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  1. Another movie i'd like to see is Rugrats in paris.

  2. Veggietales popstar looks like a fun movie!

  3. I would give it it to my friend

  4. Another movie I HAVE to see is Sisters with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler! daniellepriser at mail dot com

  5. I love Sam's "Super" pig robot- too funny!

  6. This is such an adorable movie- of course the "Bling" would be a ring- but so cute how they're doing it!

  7. I'd also like to see hotel transylvania 2.

  8. I want to watch "Sisters"

  9. if I won,I`d give the cape to my nephew,and keep the shirt ;)

  10. Sam has a Super pig robot

  11. I would rent Despicable Me.

  12. i want to see the new terminator movie.

  13. I would like to watch "Shaun the Sheep Movie".

  14. One of Sam's super robot animals is a pig.

  15. I would give the prizes to my friend.

  16. The meaning of "Bling" in this movie is shiny objects.

  17. I entered the Aftershokz giveaway.


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