May 1, 2016

Dreft Laundry Detergent & #Amazinghood "Newborn Advice"- Review and Baby Shower Giveaway

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  I believe all parents can agree on one thing about their babies - nothing smells like a newborn baby. I don't care who's baby it is, a newborn baby has the best smell in the world and we as parents love that smell.  As we all cuddle , hug, and kiss our new precious beings, we smell that smell and it is called - "new love".  After a few weeks that smell starts to change into - "getting older love" and we find ourselves wanting that "new love" smell back.  Well, of course we can't bottle the love we have for our children, but there is a product that has been used for generation to generation , that comes pretty close to reminding us of that "new love" smell and it also delicately cleans our babies clothes. That product is called "Dreft".

  Dreft laundry detergent is the best there is for washing your newborns and toddler clothes in.  It will clean the clothes softly while making sure they come back out as clean as before they were worn and that "new love" smell is there.  I have to admit I still wash my 4 year olds clothes in Dreft.  I love how his clothes come out, clean and smelling so fresh and new.
  I received a package of Dreft goodies to review and I will be offering a Baby Shower of goodies from Dreft to a lucky winner, but first let me tell you about a couple that will soon be new parents and how they want Dreft to be by their side on their Amazinghood trip.  If you watch the bachelor you may remember Sean and Catherine Lowe.  Sean chose Catherine on the bachelor, they married and are now expecting their first child.  Today was their "Loads of Love" baby shower.  Sean and Catherine want Dreft to help them through the newborn and then on to the active stages of Amazinghood with their precious newborn when it arrives.  Catherine was asked why she wanted to use Dreft and she stated that her mom had used Dreft with her clothes as a child and that it felt good to use a product that worked to clean the clothes effectively and it was gentle and hypoallergentic. Plus, it has been trusted with babies clothes for over 80 years and Catherine feels like it will be perfect for her child as well. When talking about the different stages of Dreft, Catherine said she has already begun washing her baby's clothes in the " Dreft Newborn".

 Catherine said as her baby grows and begins to get into messes and the baby food stains and such, she will move up to "Dreft Active Baby". which helps remove 99% of food stains and outdoor messes.

Dreft Stage 2: Active Baby Liquid Detergent

  By the time your baby begins the Active Baby Dreft you will be running wild.  There will be baby food stains, formula stains, juice stains, grass stains and of course messy diaper stains.  Dreft has been proven to safely remove these stains without ruining babys clothes.  This is why Dreft made different stages of  laundry detergent because as they grow and change. so should their detergent. Dreft's detergent is gentle, but very effective.  This is the stage of detergent I am still  using today for my 4 year old.
  And of course so you never have to lose that awesome smell, Dreft now has Dreft Blissfuls - In Water Scent Booster.  Awww, I love these little balls of powerful smell.  Adding them to your wash makes all the clothes burst with that "new love" scent.

  So as Sean and Catherine begin their Amazinghood with their first child, they will have Dreft with them for the first year.  We can all keep up with this journey on Dreft's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where this new family will be posting highlights and even stumbling blocks with their new precious baby.  Everyone be sure to check in with the Lowes to see how it is going.
  I had 3 children and I would like to share a few words of advice to these new parents that I learned when my babies were born.
1.  Sleep when they sleep.  You are both going to be mentally and physically wore out that first month, so when baby naps you nap too.
2. As baby grows, take turns with who gets up that night with the baby. If dad works I would suggest mommy doing week nights and daddy doing weekends.  This way neither parent is compltely exhausted.
3. Don't get upset if everything doesn't go perfectly like the books say.  Every baby is different and you can't get upset when there are problems. ex: I have bathed my baby, lotioned them up, dressed them only to look down 5 minutes later to find poo running down my arm and up baby's back.  You will have to do the process all over again, but take a deep breath and look into that baby's eyes and know this stage doesn't last forever.  Before you know it they will be starting school.
  I want to wish Sean and Catherline Lowe and their soon to be here new baby many, many wonderfully, loving years.  Parenthood and babyhood is messy, but those messy and imperfect moments are the most memorable.  You can do it and thanks to Dreft you can embrace those #Amazinghood messy moments.

   Winner of my "Baby Shower"will receive:
 This post and giveaway were made possible by iConnect and Dreft. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine."

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