Apr 30, 2016

Bahlsen Biscuit/ Cookies Review/Giveaway

  Bahlsen Cookies have been around since 1889 when Hermann Bahlsen began his own business in Hannover, Germany.  This business is still carrying on today.  These biscuits have made generations of people happy.
  This company made their first famous product, the Leibniz Keks in 1891. Next, in 1904 they made their first moisture proof packaging, ensuring that every biscuit that left the plant was as crisp as when it left the oven.  By 1912, Hermann had sold 12 million of the Leibniz Keks making the new word for biscuits in Germany, Keks.
  Today, the Bahlsen's of this generation, have a variety of different types of biscuits using all natural ingredients.
  I was sent a variety box of these Bahlsen biscuits and cookies to try.  And they are so delicious!  My favorite is the Deloba Blueberry Biscuits.  These light and flaky biscuit/cookies have a taste that makes you wish you were somewhere in Paris with a cup of hot tea.  I love the little center of  the cookie where the blueberry is, it is so fresh and natural tasting.   Bahlsen only sells food that is made from the finest natural ingredients and and food cooked to the right perfection.

   I tried the Delobas, the Waffleletten, and the Waffle Minis.  I love the little bags of Waffle Minis.  Just grab a pack, some hot cocoa, a good movie and your night is made.

   Below is the Cake winner of the year 2016 : Hello Sweetheart:

   You can search here to see where Bahlsen products are sold or you can order them online on the Bahlsen website.
   Bahlsen biscuits and cookies have already became this little fellows all time favorite.  This is my grandson Braxton and he said to tell everyone to enter my giveaway because these cookies are awesome!

    If you would like to try and win an assorted box of Bahlsen goodies then please enter my Rafflecopter below.  These biscuits and cookies are truly wonderful tasting.  I know you will love them.

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