Apr 28, 2016

When Calls the Heart - Troubled Heart Review/Giveaway

  "When Calls The Heart - Troubled Heart" is Season 3 Volume 2 of the Hallmark Series, inspired by the best selling author Janette Oke.  In this series Elizabeth decides to put down roots in Hope Valley where she has been a teacher for 3 years. When Elizabeth tells Jack she just bought a house, he is startled and upset.  Secretly Jack has been looking for land to purchase and build a home for him and Elizabeth. This makes Jack feel like marrying Elizabeth has just become something that may take a lot longer. 

  Meanwhile in town, Rosemary found out that Lee has taken out a large loan and may be very deep in debt.  Jesse the drifter, who is working in Abigail's kitchen, reveals startling  information that could change the face of Hope Valley.  Another surprise to the citizens of the town is when a wanted poster is found with the face of their own Pastor Frank on it!
  If you are looking for a good, clean show that will never have you fearing a scene to bad for children, it is "When Calls the Heart."  Entering into the 3rd season, "Troubled Heart" was just released on April 16.  This show surrounds Elizabeth and Jack's romance and different things that go on in Hope Valley.
  Watch a clip from this episode:

  In this episode you will see how Jack and Elizabeth decide how to handle their relationship now that Elizabeth has bought her own home and you will see Cody still dealing with his losses.
 "When Calls the Heart" has been approved by the Dove Foundation and Parents Television Council.
  I really like this series.  It is a good show set back in the 1910's and I love this Era in time as well as the characters in this show.  If you have never began watching "When Calls the Heart" you really should start with season 1 & 2 and then you will be caught up as Season 3 begins.  I know you will love this series.  It is good movie watching.  This movie runs 88 mins.  It stars Erin Krakow, Lori Laughlin, Daniel Lissing & Jack Wagner.  These shows are all produced by Michael Landon Jr.  
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