Apr 26, 2016

"Living Hope" on DVD Review/Giveaway

  "Living Hope" is a stunning documentary about the poverty and diseases of South Africa.  In 1999, John Thomas was a pastor of a local church in Cape Town, South Africa.  John realized that an entire generation of his neighbors could be lost to HIV/AIDs and poverty.  Immediately John took action with the help of Rock Musicians, President George Bush and Foreign Dignitaries to help raise awareness of these problems.
  In this full length documentary hundreds came forth to help John fight poverty and destruction.   "Living Hope" takes you on a trip around South Africa to see all the destruction.  You will see hundreds who have surrendered their lives to help others in need. 

  John Lankford and his wife Courtney helped untold numbers of people  after they moved their young family of 4 from United States to Cape Town, South Africa.  Here they helped many with job skills and to move them out poverty.
  Leonie Rustin, a mom and nursing assistant turned her life around from a drug addicted person to follow Christ.  She helps unshackle the chains of prostitution and drug addiction to the people in her community.
  All these people come together to help the people of South Africa to learn about the Lord as they better their lives.  
  Watch the clip below to see a part of the movie:

  In this movie you will see a man whose wife has cancer, brought to tears as a Sunday School class in America raised enough money for the operation, travel expenses, prescriptions and 1 month salary so he could stay home with his wife as she recovered.
  There is another experience where a young girl of 14 loses her mom and aunt to AIDS and she has to have sexual relations with a nephew in order to stay alive.  She contracts the virus and the baby is born with it too so she names the baby, "No Hope".  After meeting with a minister and his church, they helped her find work and a home.  She was saved and re-named her baby, Lelethu- which means , "The Lord is My Hope."
  "Living Hope" is a heart touching, gripping Documentary about life in South Africa and how Christians are trying to help change their lives and teach them about Christ. It is recommended for ages 12 and up because of the nature of some experiences.
  This movie was given the Dove Seal for family rated movies of 12+.


  I highly recommend this movie.  It would be great for church youth groups to show. Or, watch it at home with the older children to discuss how help is needed in South Africa and other countries across the world to spread the word of God and to help people in need.  If you would like to try and win this movie please enter my Rafflecopter below and Good Luck!

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