Apr 24, 2016

Miraculous - Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir DVD Review/ Giveaway

  I was so excited to review the cutest cartoon new to Nickelodeon and now for the first time on DVD - Miraculous!  Miraculous -Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir are the first superheroes of Paris.  My grandaughter fell in love with this movie and is so excited for the next one to be on DVD.
  Marinette is an ordinary girl that goes to school in Paris where she has friends and even a big crush on a guy named Adrian.  Adrian also has a crush on Marinette, but neither one has told the other one. There is also a little bit of girl drama with another friendemey - (friend + enemy), Chloe, who also has a crush on Adrian.  Chloe is the daughter of the mayor of Paris and she is a spoiled brat who likes to cause trouble to get what she wants.


   Marinette has a special little friend named Tikki who has the magic to turn Marinette into Ladybug the superhero.  Tikki is a cute little red creature with black spots.  When trouble arises, Tikki gets Marinette ready to catch the bad guys.  
   Adrian also has a little buddy named Plagg and he gives Adrian the powers to become the superhero Cat Noir.  Plagg can get into lots of trouble himself, but he is there for Adrian.

  When the evil Hawk Moth tries to destroy the great city of Paris, Ladybug and Cat Noir must defeat him!Hawk Moth uses his evel powers to transform normal people into super villians.  This means our 2 superheroes must use all their skills to defeat him.  Nether one of the superheroes know that they are actually school friends, but together they fight to keep their beautiful city of Paris villain free.
  This darling show has 7 episodes and extras such as sing- alongs.  There are also cast and crew interviews.  I loved watching this movie with my grandaughter.  The colors and animation are awesome!  The little creatures that do magic are adorable.  I see this show fast becoming a major hit with the kids.  For a change we get a show that doesn't have bad parts or blood and guts.  I loved it and recommend it highly to my readers.
  When you visit the main website you can click on a video clip, the characters, a place to buy some things from the show and my favorite,  the games.  I wasn't really good at the first game with Marinette, but maybe you will be.  Head on over to the website and check all this out and more.  This movie comes to the public on DVD- May 3, 2016.
  If you would like to try and win this DVD please enter my Rafflecopter.  It is a cute show you will really enjoy!  

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  1. What ages do you think it's mostly appropriate for?

    1. It says ages 7 and up to 12.

    2. Actually it is also very popular among teenegers and even young adults, as stated from instagram and twitter.

  2. My 10 year old's favorite superhero is Wonderwoman

  3. My children always liked Spiderman and my daughter loved the Power Rangers too.
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  4. she likes wonderwoman


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