Jan 1, 2017

"Alison's Choice" DVD Review/Giveaway


  "Alison's Choice" is a film about life and it is amazing!  I don't believe I have watched such a touching movie, as this one, in a long time.  This movie needs to be shown to young people, guys as well as girls, all over the world.  Giving life a chance versus abortion is the main story line of this show.
  Alison finds herself pregnant by her boyfriend, Rick, who immediately wants her to get an abortion.  He makes Alison feel that if she keeps the baby their relation will suffer from it.  Rick is a deadbeat who thinks of no one, but himself.
  Alison registers at the abortion clinic and she meets all kinds of people there.  One girl is about to have her 3rd abortion, a mom of 2 that has decided she doesn't want the baby she is now carrying, a caring receptionist, a nurse who loves her job way to much and a Dr. that tries to convince Alison her baby is not yet a living thing.  But, the most important person Alison meets is the janitor, who is actually God.  The janitor reveals himself to Alison to try and persuade her to keep her baby.  He tells her the baby is a girl and actually let's her see the baby inside her.  Alison is more afraid of losing Rick and she keeps hoping he will change his mind about the abortion, but he doesn't.
  God pleads with Alison and answers her questions about why he doesn't just stop all the bad in the world and other questions. God explains that he could, but he won't because we humans have free will to make our own choices.  He tells Alison how much he loves her and her baby and he even shows her the scars on his hands where he died for her sins.  The janitor is also working on all the other girls who are about to have abortions, some listen and some don't, but God says he loves them anyway, but that they will pay a price for doing wrong.
  Alison's friend that is in the clinic fixing to have her 3rd abortion changes her mind because God got through to her and he even made the daddy understand and he came and got the girl before she could have the abortion.  The girl, LaCree tells Alison not to do it.  She tells her to listen to the janitor because he  is right and she wishes she would of never aborted her other two children and how bad it scars your heart.

  In the end Alison makes the right choice and decides against the abortion.
  This show is so touching and if you are someone who is pregnant and scared, you really need to watch it.  I can't say how great this movie is, you just have to watch it and see for yourself.  Below is a clip from "Alison's Choice"
 If you would like to purchase this movie you can do so at this website for around $15.00
 You could also possibly be one of the five winners that is being given away.  Just enter below and Good Luck!

*I  received this product free of charge in exchange for a honest, written review
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