Jun 13, 2018

Benji and the Giant Kite - A Children's Book by Alan Fox Review/Giveaway

   I was so honored to be asked to review, and offer a lucky reader the chance at the delightful book, Benji and the Giant Kite.
  This story is a true story written by Alan C. Fox.  Alan loved to fly kites with his brothers at the beach.  In the story Alan is known as Benji,  a boy who loves to  fly all types of kites:  triangle kites, box kites and he always wanted a big kite.  One day when  Benji  saw a big, orange kite in the store he knew he had to have it, but he didn't have enough allowance saved.  Benji's mother let him do odd jobs such as gardening flowers and vegetables and finally one day he earned enough money to buy the big, orange kite.

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  Benji takes to kite to the beach  on a good windy day and there were kites flying everywhere in the big, blue sky.  Benji sends his kite high into the sky until almost all the string was gone,

  Benji's dad said it was time to leave the beach and the kite was so far up in the sky it could hardly be seen.  Benji decided to let his big, orange kite go so it could keep going higher and higher.  So, Benji
let the string run out and the kite kept going out of sight.  Benji felt later the kite was still up there.

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  This book has beautifully illustrated pictures and is easy to understand.  Alan Fox teaches children to earn the things they want and  and to have patience.  Also, children need to see the beauty in small things like Benji did in a simple kite, but it was so beautiful that he shared it with the world.
  Benji and the Giant Kite has 36 pages, is a hardback book and it is perfect for ages 4 - 6/  My 5 year old loves this book and he is trying to learn to read it himself.  It will be placed on the shelf as one of the "great ones" and re- read many, many times.
  If you would like to read this book then please enter my Rafflecopter for a chance.  You can also purchase it on Amazon.com for around $17. 00   Good Luck!

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