Oct 16, 2018

"The Cow Said Neigh!" A Farm Story by Rory Feek Book Review/ Giveaway

Hardcover The Cow Said Neigh! (picture Book) : A Farm Story Book
  Rory Feek  wrote the cutest book, which he dedicated to his little girl, Indiana.  "The Cow Said Neigh ! "  A Farm Story,  is about a farm of mixed up animals and it makes for quite a day.
  In the beginning of the story, the cow in the barn notices the horse in the field and he wishes he was the horse.  The next thing you know, the cow says, "neigh."   As the story goes on all different animals on the farm begin to make the sound of another farm animal. The duck says, "Baaa", the pig says, "Ruff ", the dog says, "Meow" and it goes on and on. 

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  I love this darling book!  It let's you feel like sometimes we all want to be like someone else even though it isn't what we were meant to be.
  There are little things I noticed in the book that Mr. Feek added to the story and the illustrator included, is a precious drawing of Mr. Feek, his daughter, Indiana and his wife Joey. The picture is in a frame on a table.  Joey passed away of cancer a few years back.  Joey and Rory were well known country and gospel singers.  The book is illustrated by Bruno Robert and his drawing are adorable and very colorful.
 Speaking of colorful, if you will visit the page below you can find some cute coloring pages from this book.   Coloring pages.
  I definitely love everything about this book and I really feel like you and your child will as well.
  If you would like to try and win this book please enter the giveaway below.  Good Luck and thank you for entering!  
                                                       "The Cow Said Neigh! "   Giveaway

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