Dec 22, 2016

"The Grid" a Web Designer 3 Winners for a Starter Website Review/Giveaway

    Are you wanting your own website like so many of the others you see online?  How about updating the website you already had someone else make for you?  There is a  new web designer named Molly and she works for The Grid and she can make anything you want to show your own personal style.
   Molly is  the first A.I. design platform that designs websites.  You tell Molly the colors you like and the colors you don't.  Give her ideas of your kind of content you plan to display on your website and she takes over from there.
  Watch the video below to see how the colors are extracted from photos, Twitter, logo, ect... and are able to create  a new color palette with thousands of colors.

   The Grid uses its own patented artificial intelligence (AI) driven software named Molly, to completely change the way you build websites.  Meet Molly, she is young and still learning, but she has already created hundreds of thousands of web pages.  Molly will never ghost you, never charge more, never miss a deadline and she does this 24/7.


    Dan Tocchini, CEO and co-founder of The Grid, has a high standard for both design and code. His team includes Brian Axe, former director of AdSense products at Google,  Henri Bergius, a pioneer in open source content management engineering and Leigh Taylor, former design lead at Medium. In the new platform they use the responsiveness of the code itself to simulate the designer’s actual process. The results as you can see in the image below, are very sophisticated.


   The Grid wants everyone of my readers that are interested in this awesome site, to leave me your email address in the entry section of this giveaway and they will contact you and possibly have you all some sort of discount.  There will definitely be 3 lucky readers, randomly chosen, that will receive the Starter package Free for 1 year. (a $96.00 ) value.   This is really a great deal. Advertise your company, begin a new blog and even show off all your hidden talents.
   Molly is amazing and so is The Grid.  I know you will love this wonderful company.  Just visit the website and sign-up, BUT please since I am an affiliate  would you kindly use my code so I can receive credit?  Here it is:

   Thank you all who enter and please leave your email address because you will still be able to recieve great discounts.
     Merry Christmas!!!!!!

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