Dec 21, 2016

"You Carried Me" A Book About Abortion Survival Giveaway

book cover for You Carried Me

  Melissa Ohden was raised by a wonderful mom and dad who taught her about God and were excellent parents.  Melissa also had a older sister, Tammy and a little brother, Dustin.  Melissa and Tammy had both been told as soon as they could understand, that they were adopted, The baby brother, Dustin, was unexpected and biologically their mom and dad's son.  Tammy knew more about Melissa adoption than Melissa did, and one day while having a heated discussion, Tammy let it out by telling Melissa, "Well at least my parent's wanted me."  Melissa demanded she explain what she meant by that statement and all Tammy could say was to wait and ask mom and dad when they got home. Which is exactly what Melissa did.
  This book is a true story written by Melissa Ohden titled, "You Carried Me" and on that day Melissa found out just how her life had nearly not been.

  Melissa's mom explains how Melissa's biological mom had tried to have an abortion, called a saline abortion, but it had failed and the nurses saved her.  She weighed barely over 2lbs. and was in the NICU unit for quite awhile until she was put up for adoption.  All this information was hard to take in.  Melissa loved her mom and dad so much and no one could ever take their place, but she did want to know why she wasn't wanted.
  Melissa studied hard in school and excelled, but she she was determined to find her real mom and dad.  After researching online she had a name of her father.  She wrote her father a long letter explaining about herself and that he might very well be her dad.  Months went by without any word from her dad.  At this point in her life Melissa had married a man named Ryan and she has a knew baby girl, Olivia.  Olivia was born in the same hospital as Melissa was supposed to die in.  
  One day there was a knock at the door and with a newborn finally sleeping, Melissa ignored it, but later when she checked her mail she found an envelope addressed to herself.  The letter was her father's dad and he had been the one who came to her door and left the envelope.  Granddad Don tells Melissa her father had just passed away about 1 year ago, but that he and her grandmother wanted to meet her badly. So, that evening Melissa and baby Olivia meet a very happy and excited grandad and grandmother.  They tell the story of how their son had dated her mom for 4 years, but one day at the high school there was a freak accident with her dad's car accelerated and it jumped into gear pinning Melissa's aunt, (Her mom's twin sister) and her boyfriend against a brick wall hurting her badly.  Melissa's mom's dad refused to let her dad date their daughter any more after the accident. Unknowing to anyone,other than the grandmother, that Melissa's mom was pregnant, she demanded she have an abortion. The grandmother even delivered Melissa and ordered the nurses to do away with the baby.  Which of course they saved.
  Melissa is very distraught about all this information.  She becomes pregnant again but miscarries the baby.  Not long after this baby's death, Melissa gives birth to another baby girl whom she names Ava. But, through it all Melissa decides to help women not abort their babies.  She speaks at major schools and social functions. Then one day she receives an email from her real mom.  The mom explains that her parent's wouldn't allow her to have the baby and the grandmother insisted on the saline abortion. Her mom states that she knows Melissa may never want her to be her real mom, but she definitely loves her and wants to be in her life.  Melissa also meets her half-sister Jennifer.
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  This book is amazing to read and very hard to put down. I loved the faith Melissa had in God throughout her search, how strong she is when she finds out the news of her dad, and how forgiving she is of her real mom.  I  recommend this book to all young girls.  Or even for children who have been adopted.  It is a true story, written by the main character who believes we are all created by God and that everyone has a story of their life and that everyone's story is different.  She also doesn't believe God is for abortion because he tells us that he knew us in the womb before we knew him. Meaning he made us to live.
  You really need to buy this book for any young person in your life.  It could make a big difference in their life making decisions.
  You can pre-order this book at Plough online and other independent book stores, it is due out 1/9/2017.  They are also giving away a copy of this book here.  So please enter and Good Luck!  You can also check out Melissa's blog here.  She has some amazing articles on her blog.


*I recieved this book free of charge in exchange for a honest written review.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
*I was not monetarily compensated for thie review.

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