Feb 26, 2017

"Country Crush" on DVD Review/Giveaway

    March 14 will be the release date for a new musical movie, "Country Crush", about a family in a small town and their lives.  (Jana Kramer), Katherine, has recently said goodbye to her husband who just left her and her son for his deployment in the Middle East.  Katherine worries and is anxious to have her husband back home.
  Katherine's brother- in -law, Charlie, (Munro Chambers) has just met a city girl, Nancy Taylor, (Madeline Merlo).  When her car breaks down and Charlie Bishop shows up, Nancy and her friend, Ainsley, (Sophie Tweed Simmons) are headed to a party in the country.  Charlie shows up to tow their car and sparks automatically fly between Charlie and Nancy.

  Charlie and Nancy begin a relationship, but this relationship is full of questions and decisions about the future.  Charlie is fixed with his Southern roots and wants to begin a career as a car mechanic, but doesn't have the money. Nancy is searching for a career in music that will have her traveling all around the country, and she already has a boyfriend back North.  Watch the clip below from the movie, "Country Crush":

  This musical is full of beautiful, sad and fun songs.  You will love the voices of the singers in this movie and Nancy, (Madeline Merlo ) is so lovely and talented.
  When a disaster takes place it takes more than music to get this family through it. This leaves them learning to love again, carry on and to follow their dreams.
  I loved this movie.  It was really heart sting "tug able" and full of great music.
  You can pre-order this movie from Shout! Kids Factory or Walmart.  Due for release on March 14, 2017.

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