May 19, 2017

The Wearable Poncho Beach/Pool Towel Review

  Have you ever wished you had a towel that you could wear and when you sat down it came past your knees in the back so you were able to set on what you were wearing instead of you having to have a separate towel?  Well, you can because a lady named Lara invented the wearable  LOLL Poncho Beach/Pool Towel and it is even hooded.  I love this towel cover up.  I have gained weight and I definitely need a cover up to cover my chunky self. I also love that when I set down sand doesn't go up my bathing suit bottoms.

 You can wear these poncho towel's into the beach or pool.  They dry quickly because of the towel material they are made of.  Also my scalp always sunburns so I can lay on my towel to sunbathe and put the hood over the top and back of my head to keep it from burning.
 These poncho towels come in US sizes 4-16 and an assortment of pretty colors.
 I reviewed the towel in black.  And I love it!

Black LOLL beach towel

 A wonderful feature to this LOLL Poncho Towel is the inside hidden pocket.  Safely store your valuables on the inside close to you and no one can see what you have with you, money, phone, keys ect...  It also zips up into the poncho or unzips to lay flat.  Here are a few facts about this towel:

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   I love this hooded towel and the colors they come in are so pretty, there are Black, Green Ocean Waves, Choppy Ocean, Sunny Blue Day, Apperitivo Before Dinner, and Life Is A Game of Chess.  All these Poncho Towels sell for $40.
  When you wear your poncho you won't have to sit on the hot seat of your car any more plus all the other great reasons to purchase one listed above.  So go purchase yours today. I guarantee you will love it!

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