May 19, 2017

Mandisa "Out of the Dark" CD Review/Giveaway

  I remember voting every time you could for Mandisa when she was on American Idol.  I love her voice and the sound of the soul in her songs is definitely a voice you will remember.  I knew she would go far after she left that show and she sure did.  You will love her new CD, "Out of the Dark".

  Mandisa is a woman of strong Godly faith and when her close friend came down with breast cancer, Mandisa prayed feeling sure God would heal her friend. But, as we all know, God does things his way and for his reasons unknown to we humans.  So, after the friend passed away Mandisa went into a deep depression  Listen below to Mandisa's story:

 This CD is titled "Out of the Dark" and this is exactly where she was, in the dark, when God found of her and pulled her back up.  Mandisa was on Good Morning America a few weeks back and she talked openly about depression.  Here is a clip from that interview: GMA/video/mandisa-opens- overcoming-depression-47020463 
  I love the songs on this CD and I feel sure you will too.  Listen below to "Unfinished" :

  "Unfinished" is upbeat and full of love for God as she sings about her being God's masterpiece, but he still hasn't completed her, so she is still unfinished.  It is a beautiful song!
 This entire CD will have you feeling God's love and Mandisa love too. You can ore-order this CD here.  Release date to be in stores is 5/19 It has 18 songs and sells for around $13.00
  You can enter to try and win this Mandisa CD from my blog.  Just enter below and Good Luck!

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