Aug 16, 2017

"Altar Egos" on DVD Review/Giveaway

  " Altar Egos " is a new family movie due out from Home Entertainment for sale on 9/5.  This movie is perfect for all families, it will make you laugh and then some parts make you feel like you want to cry.  I was able to review this film early and to give my readers an exclusive glimpse at it also (below).  A Dove Foundation, Dove Faith Friendly movie, is safe for all ages.
  When Pastor John wants simple changes in the church, such as new paint in the children's classes, he is shut down quickly by the church board of directors and more quickly by Mary Margaret, a lady with a deep grudge against Pastor John.  Nothing he does seems right and he is always compared to the former Pastor of the church, John's dad.

  One day Pastor John decides to have his wife liven up the Christmas program, which just happens to be run by Mary Margaret.  Mary Margaret has been over the choir and the program for many years and she will not have any of the change and she goes as far as to remove her entire choir from the church and to begin looking for another Pastor.
  Pastor John asks his son to make him look and act like an old man so he can get in with the older crowd of the church to have them see his way.  John's son is a make-up artist and star in the school plays. Together Pastor John and his son disguise themselves as older men and begin to hang out with Mary Margaret and the older people of their church.
  Things don't go exactly as Pastor John expects and his son also has his own personal interest in this older group of people and one member's daughter.  
  This movie will let you see family's re-unite and hard feelings turn soft.  It teaches forgiveness and the reason's we all may act as we do at times.
  I actually loved this movie!  It is one you will want to watch again.  The feeling of forgiveness made me love it more.  I highly recommend you purchasing this movie for your family.
  Watch this clip from "Altar Egos" below:

  If you are interested in buying tickets, watching promos, downloads and more then you need to visit this site:
  Movie runs 88 minutes and is in color and English.
  Please enter my giveaway below.  You will not be disappointed in this movie -- it is great!

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