Aug 15, 2017

"Watcher" a Sci - Fi Book Review/Giveaway Book due out on 9/5


  It's many years after WWIII and Sawyer Russo has spent the last 10 years fighting the Bots and Carbons.   Sawyer has trained along side all her guy friends and they know her as one of them, a Watcher.  Sawyer is one of the best fighters on the base and her only mission is to keep humanity alive.  The enemy is out there trying to capture all the humans and they know him as the Commander.
  Smith is the leader of Sawyer's base and he has a mission for her and the other Watchers.  They have received word of humans being held captive and Sawyer and her team must go in and save these humans before the Bots and Carbons see them.  Each team member has a certain job to do on this mission and a certain amount of time to retrieve the people and get them back to the hidden base before they are all captured.

  Bots can be taken out but, are harder to kill than the Carbons.  Carbons look like real humans, but the difference is they don't bleed.
  Sawyer and her team begin their mission and just as they getting everyone out Sawyer notices a man and an elderly woman being left behind.  Sawyer tells him to leave the woman who can't walk on her own or they will be killed, but the man refuses so, Sawyer goes back and helps the man get the woman out.  It is hard to carry her and they must do it quickly because the enemies is already on to their presence.  But, they make it and during the process because of the hold up , one of Sawyer's best friends, Kyle, is shot and severely injured.   Kyle is like a brother to Sawyer and all she has left in this world.
  Sawyer soon finds out the man she rescued is named Kenzie and even though she blames him for Kyle's near death, somehow she is physically attracted to Kenzie and feels a deep connection with him.
  As the book goes on,  Kenzie and Sawyer fall in love, but deception and the safety of the humans on Sawyer's base are in jeopardy of being killed due to a spy in the mist.  I don't want to give away the future happenings of Sawyer, Kenzie and the others because it would ruin the ending for you, but I will say there are many twists and turns and people who are not who they claim to be and the quest to keep humanity alive becomes harder and harder.
  I love this futuristic book and it is written with so much excitement you will not put the book down until it's finished, or at least I couldn't.  It is the first part of a series and I am so excited to read the next part.  I highly recommend you read "Watcher" !
     Ends 9/15
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