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Dec 3, 2017

365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids Review/Giveaway

  365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids is a book full of questions that are answered about God.  I was amazed at some of the questions that I didn't know the answers to myself, so this book is great for adults as well as children.
  Questions about God, the Bible and Faith are answered in a way that points children to God in a loving way.  This book includes topics such as:  God, time, God's promises, Jesus, the Old Testament, the New Testament, prayer, holidays, Christian seasons and traditions, being a Christian and Eternity.
  One of the questions is: "What is the Trinity?" and the answer is, "who is the Trinity - God, God's son and God's Holy Spirit".  "The Trinity is a way to describe God.   There is more to the answer, where this question is found in the Bible and a prayer at the bottom of the page.
  There are also many "Want to Know More?" cross-referencing at the bottom of some devotions for the child who wants to learn more.

  At the end of the book are several lined pages for children to write their thoughts and prayers.
  With this book having 365 questions and answers, it can begin to teach your child to seek God's words and to get them in the habit of reading God's word daily so it carries over into adulthood
  This teaching book is written by Kathryn Slattery and is found for sale in Bible book stores and on
   I love this hardcover book that is the perfect size for children.  If you have a child that is constantly asking hard to answer questions, then I recommend this book for them.  So many of the questions I knew the answers to, but knowing where in the Bible the question was answered was another thing.  By the Bible verses written there, your child can back-up the answer with exactly how God told it to the writers of the Bible.
  I recommend this to households everywhere!  Remember when the questions are answered, they are answered so a child can understand, so the answers may seem to be written simple.  This is exactly how the author wanted the questions answered.  You and your child will love learning about the Bible and God and much more with this unique book.
  If you want to win this book, there will be a giveaway listed below in a few days, so check back and be sure to enter.  What a great gift just in time for the holidays!
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