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Dec 5, 2017

The Tyler Files by Brian Rock A book for Middle Schoolers

  I just reviewed a cute book, perfect for ages 7-10 and it would make a cute stocking stuffer.  The Tyler Files by Brian Rock is a fun book.
  In this first series - #1 Smarty Pants - readers will learn all about Tyler who is a 5th grade student with a case of talking pants!  Yes, one morning his pants just began talking.  Tyler is having a hard enough time trying to fit into school, ward off a bully and he has a secret crush.  So, how in the world is he going to get through the day when his pants keep making smarty remarks and moving his legs where the pants want to go?

 Tyler begins to go with it and soon his friends think he is something special.  Tyler finally got the pants off and finds himself talking with Rhino the Bully who actually becomes his friend.
  At the end of the book are questions you can answer about the book and yourself.  There are also weird facts about pants and also a section about idioms. (Pants not always being pants)
  I really like this little paperback book.  It is only 82 pages long and simple to read.  Kids in middle school could definitely understand Tyler and imagine an odd thing such as pants talking, with ease. 
I believe your child will get several laughs out of this book and learn some things as well.
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