Dec 18, 2013

MamaViews Doulas $250 Babies R Us Review/Giveaway

 Are you just beginning your pregnancy or planning on getting pregnant, and you are looking into every option out their when, before, and after your babies birth?  Well, look no more - MamaViews has the answer to natural childbirth, Doulas, childbirth classes, baby nurses or lactation consultants.  I myself had natural birth 3 times with no epidurals.  I wanted to birth the old fashion way because I felt it was safer for the baby and myself as well.  After all, mothers have been giving birth without medication or epidurals for hundreds of years.

 One of MamaViews best helpers with many aspects of your pregnancy and birth is their Doulas.  Doulas have been around for hundreds of years.  They support the mom in many, many ways.  If you do decide to go with an epidural or even pain meds, some doulas will help you through it.
 On MamaViews you can find a list of Doulas in your area and what all they offer.  For instance: Amanda Barkhurst of  WestPalm Beach, Florida offers these areas of aid to the mother:
Birth Education, Birth Plan Support, Active Labor Support, Early Labor Support, Birthing Support, Breastfeeding Support and Breastfeeding support.  
 There are many Doulas all across the U.S.  Just visit their website for a listing of the Doula nearest you.  Doulas are very supportive and will coach you through the pregnancy and the birth.  Doulas are non medical persons although some do receive certificates and special training.
  Basically,  the goal of a doula is to ensure the mother feels safe and confident before, during, and after delivery.  Doulas can be controversial within medical settings due to pressure on mothers to avoid medical interventions in labor and pursue natural childbirth without an epidural or Cesarean sections.
 If there are other points of interest you want to check out, then please MamaViews.  There is info for Baby Nurses, Childbirth classes and even Lactose classes.
 Right now is offering a special giveaway for all my readers to enter.  You can enter to win $25, $50, or $250 at Babies 'R Us.  Giveaway is live until 12/23/13.   Please enter the promo code HOLIDAY13 when registering also. 
You really need to visit MamaViews for all you baby info and also check out all the aspects of mommyhood and all they have to offer.

*To enter MamaViews giveaways just visit thier website.
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*I reviewed this product site in hopes it will benefit my readers.
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