Jun 25, 2019

There's A Monkey In My Backpack

  I just read the best book titled, "There"s A Monkey In My Backpack".  This book touched home to me because I have a grandson, that I raise, who has a sensory disorder and this makes it hard for him to "fit in" with school and things like sports ect...
  Anna goes to school and unlike the other 3rd  graders in her class, Anna has a monkey in her backpack.  The monkey tries  to get Anna in trouble in class and to get her to do disruptive things.  The monkey also helps Anna do good things and to complete her work.  You see the monkey is actually a learning disorder and Anna is afraid she will not finish the 3rd grade.

  Children all over the world have disabilities that prevent them from learning like their fellow students.  These problems make children feel different and ashamed of themselves. The learning disabilities are the monkey on a child's back.
  I believe this book needs to be given to every teacher and read to any child with a learning problem .  This book could help teachers understand that not all children learn the same way.  It can also help a child feel better about themselves and it could get a child to talk more openly about any problems they may have.
  The author of this book is Don M. Winn, a multiple book award winner.  He has written books about dyslexia and learning problems.  You can order this book from Amazon and other book stores.  Check it out - you will love this book!
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  1. Thank you for sharing this book. More people need to be aware and sensitive to children with learning disabilities. My daughter is a special ed teacher. I'd like to get this book for her.


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